Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hide a folder in windows 7 os

This trick is useful if you want to hide a folder in windows 7 operating system..

And this is much better if you hide your folder on your desktop screen..

If you are interested than follow steps below :

1)) make new folder on your desktop screen.

2)) now raname it as shown below.

3)) now select RLM from the list.

4)) now go to properties of the folder

5)) go to customize.

6)) now choose " change icon " option.

7)) select blank image from list as shown below.

8)) It's over..your folder is now hidden from others..

Monday, 2 January 2012

Open CD using autorun

Hello friends...

If you want to make a autorun file for that CD..

follow steps below:

1)) Open notepad.

2)) now you write: 

Now save it but not as a .txt file but as a .inf file.
But remember that, The "Setup_filename.EXE" MUST be replaced with the name of the setup file. And you     also need to rember that it is not all of the setup files there are called '.exe'  but some are called '.msi'

3)) Now burn your CD with the autorun .inf file included.

4)) Now set the CD in you CD drive and wait for the autorun to begin or If nothing happens just double-click on the CD drive in "This Computer"...

Start button trick

This tech trick is working only on windows 95 operating system..

follow the steps below:

1)) Click twice on the Start button so it has the dotted line around it.

2)) Then press the "Alt" and the "-" keys simultaneously.

       This will bring up the option box that allows you to move or close the Start button. 

       If you choose move, you will have to use the arrow keys to move  it around the taskbar.

Moving it doesn't stay if you move the entire start bar with your mouse, and ending task on "explorer.exe" or rebooting will put it back in the corner.